Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

3 rd to 4 th of August 2010 - The Western Isles: South Uist

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Loch Skipport.
Distance : 24 miles

We thought we might go for a sail in our tender today, but it was a little too windy so we decided to move down to South Uist. We left around 1100 and had a great sail south to Loch Skipport, passing Benbecula on the way. Apparently nobody lives on the east coast of South Uist (apart from Loch Boisedale) so we didn't see a soul, other than one fishing boat, 2 golden eagles (we think, although they may have been buzzards) and 2 red throated divers. Our anchorage, Bagh Charmaig, was surrounded by rocky hills and a high mountain called Hecla. It was impossible to tell how to get out once we'd got in. Anyway it seemed like a good place to stay, so that didn't matter too much.

The following morning we decided to watch birds. The first thing we saw was an otter quite close to the boat. He caught a fish and went ashore. After eating, he groomed and rolled around in the seaweed looking very cute. Later on we were kept company by a seal basking on a rock.

Andy spent most of the day (between rain showers) making me a step so that I can see over the spray hood when I stand at the helm. This improved the quality of my helming and my life 1000%

I cleaned the heads and galley and rearranged the fore peak. We were joined later by another boat which had been with us in Lock Maddy. We experimented by having the mizzen sail up so that we didn't blow round so much in the wind, and it seemed to work well.

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