Ocean Mist Ship's Log

3 rd to 5 th of May 2005 - Delivery Trip

Crew : Andy, Helen, Pete and Anita
Destinations : Swanwick, East-Cowes, Easbourne, Ramsgate, Shotley.
Distance : 200 miles

3 rd May 2005 Swanwick-East Cowes (9 nautical miles)

Helen, Andy, Pete and Anita drove down to Swanwick, car full with supplies. Preparations took rather longer than expected with Andy up the mast and Anita and Helen needing to go to the local Tesco for more provisions. Pete was tired and poorly. Left Swanwick Marina later than expected at around 17.30. Helen, Andy, Anita and Pete on board. Decided we wouldn’t get to Chichester so, after filling up with fuel, headed for Cowes. A ferry was crossing the River Medina so we motored round in a circle a few times before finding a birth in East Cowes. Good showers and pasta for tea. 


4 th May 2005 East Cowes-Eastbourne (75 nautical miles)

Relatively early start, 7.30. This was a fairly long day to Eastbourne . Sea became choppy and the wind cold. Pete was still rather poorly with nasty cough. Despite this he enjoyed the windward sailing. Helen became poorly (sea sick) and eventually succumbed, spending 3 hours lying down below. At some point she managed to break the oil lamp with her foot. (Oh dear!). Helen was woken by Anita sending her first VHF radio call, informing the lock keeper that the lights were wrong. Anita cooked supper, sneaking in an extra chilli, so Pete struggled to eat and drank lots of water..

5 th May 2005 Eastbourne-Ramsgate (60 nautical miles)

Locked out at 8.10am. Weather sunny with little wind. Gradually became rather overcast. Breakfast of bacon sandwiches made by Andy. Lots of snoozing and stuck to watches so arrived in Ramsgate feeling less tired and warm. Harbour quite busy with lots of Dutch and French boats rafted up. Also met a retired couple, who had just bought a Westerly Vulcan and were taking it from Burnham to Cornwall . Had our first G&T in the cockpit. Curry (tuna pasta for Pete) and Chardonnay for tea. Found green slime in the bilges, something to do with anti-freeze and engines. Andy fixed it of course, but in the process the pontoon got covered in the green slime. 

6 th May 2005             Ramsgate-Shotley (55 nautical miles)

Whilst finishing breakfast our neighbours untied our stern line. Not quite sure why they did this, but they were well on there way, so we couldn’t ask. We could only assume it must have been an accident. Anyway we had a very early start, leaving at 5.30am . Pete navigated us across the Thames Estuary. It was a pretty choppy day. Helen felt very ill for most of the day. Did not go down below after 8.30am . It took her about 1 hour to eat an apple. Arrived in Shotley with Andy at the helm. Gerry, Laura and baby George were there to greet us. Champagne provided courtesy of Paul Blackett of Britannia Sailing. 


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