Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

6 th of July 2015 - Not to London

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : River Roach.
Distance : 50 miles

6 th July

All good plans...... Unfortunately none of the London marinas had available visitors berths so we changed our plans and decided to head up to the River Crouch. This gave us a foul tide all the way! As the sea floods up the Thames it also travels south along the Essex coast. The wind was Southwesterly so, although the tide was against us, we thought we would be able to sail against the tide in time to have the last of the flood as we headed into The Crouch. The wind was dead behind us and not very strong, so we were mainly on a dead run which was rather slow going. We didn't fancy getting to an anchorage after dark, so after being overtaken by a couple of other yachts, we turned on the engine. After what seemed like a very long motor sail, we eventually made it into the Roach where we anchored for the night by Wallasey island with the geese.

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