Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

9 th to 11 th of August 2010 - Back to the Small Isles

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Canna.
Distance : 39 miles

The weather had improved when we woke so we left around 0830 and headed back across The Minch to Canna getting a different view of our mountain.


Due to winds the previous night, there was quite a swell. The wind was light and directly behind us so it wasn't a comfortable sail and we used the motor. As we headed around the north of Canna, we saw more basking sharks. We headed into the bay and found a good spot to anchor. As Andy was dropping the anchor 2 seals came up and watched us incredibly curious and seemed to be posing for photos.

We were also curious why they were so interested in us as they didn't do the same for other boats. However, on our last evening a fishing boat came in and as the skipper was settling down he spent quite a long time playing with the seals and feeding them lots of mackerel. We decided that our old Perkins engine may sound more like a fishing boat than other yacht engines.

We were kept entertained watching other boats anchor as we were promised in the pilot book. This was another bay that has a reputation for having a lot of kelp. One of the boats which came in was Clova, an Amel Marimu that Andy had helped to deliver from the south coast several years ago.

The following day we decided to sail ashore after pumping up May. We decided we would head directly for the cafe which was unfortunately directly up wind so it took some time. Morning coffe became lunch and we had fantastic venison burgers made with deer from Rum. (For anyone who watches autumn watch we did wonder which one of Simon King's stars we ate). We had a stroll around the harbour and got our first decent view of the Cuillins without cloud.

We then walked across the bridge to Sandray Island which, with Canna, keeps the harbour so protected.The next day was very windy and wet so we spent it on the boat. Later on another Oyster 435 called Stormdancer arrived and quickly anchored, before delivering it's paying guests ashore. We then watched as another boat attempted to anchor several times without any success. It did have a very small anchor and mainly rope, as chain is very heavy for boats that race. Eventually they gave up and headed out of the harbour. We felt very sorry for them as they would have had a long way to go before finding anywhere equally sheltered with good holding. There was a force 7 wind blowing and it was late in the afternoon.

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