Ocean Mist Ship's Log

16 th of October 2005 - Ewarton Ness

Crew : Deb, Claude, William, George, Helen and Andy
Destinations : Ewartonness.
Distance : 15 miles

Deb, Captain Claude (complete with hat), George aged 5 (and of course sponge bobs galore) and William aged 8, on board. Headed out to sea. Sadly William became greener and greener, eventually christening the cockpit. Hopefully we were able to make him proud of this achievement, him being the first. Anyway we headed back into the River Ore and William quickly forgot his discomfort after having wanted “off the boat NOW”! Saw a seal. Spotted by William “What is that slimy thing?”. Anchored in the River Stour for the night with a Fajitas supper.  


18 th October 2005    Ewartonness-Shotley (4 nautical miles) Up leisurely and tacked up the river toward Shotley. This took some time as the tide was against us. As William was set to go to the Circus, we dropped the sails and finished on the motor. 


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