Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

18 th of June 2010 - Quick fix

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Levington Marina.
Distance : 1 mile

This morning we thought we might go for a sail. Helen had a go at working out how the reefing system works for the main-sail and discovered that the spectacle to fasten the third reef to the rams-horn wasn't long enough. Fortunately the sail makers were only opposite us in Levington Marina. Andy rang up Quantum and they agreed to sort it out immediately, which was a relief. Thankfully we discovered it whilst on a mooring and not in a Force 7 on the North sea.

We decided to stay in Levington for the night. For the first time since we've had her, we were able to give her a thorough rinse with fresh water to get rid of all the salt and get all the grit out of her nooks and crannys. In the process we discovered another leak around the bilge pump in the cockpit. Initially our hearts sunk and we thought we would need to take her back to Fox's the following week. However after a beer, we investigated further and found that the pump had not been fitted properly and it was simple for us to fix.

We decided tomorrow we would go over the river to a marina near Pin Mill so we could go out for my birthday. We also decided that we need longer on these shores to troubleshoot and get to know Speedwell. We have therefore changed our plans and decided to go to Scotland via the East coast and The Caledonian Canal. We will then leave the boat there over the winter and be able to visit her more easily.

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