Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

20 th to 21 st of June 2011 - Westray

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Pierowall Harbour.
Distance : 37 miles

We left our berth at 07.20 in order to get the last of the ebb through Hoy Mouth. Even with light winds and going with the tide fairly slack the seas were pretty big. Thankfully Andy was on the helm and I held on tightly. As we motored up the west coast, along which we had walked 2 days earlier, there was a bit of a swell and what wind there was was on our nose. We passed around the top of Mainland Orkney and through the Westray Firth around the bottom of Westray to Pierowall Bay where we anchored behind the pier. We arrived mid afternoon so stayed on the boat for the afternoon.

The following day we rowed ashore and walked around the bay to the cafe where we hired two pretty rickety old mountain bikes. We decided Westray was just a bit too big to explore on foot. Even so I couldn't resist a bit of walking up the hills. They had an interesting heritage centre and, like most of the Orkney's, has a wealth of history, both ancient and more recent, including a 16 th century castle.

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