Ocean Mist Ship's Log

22 nd of April 2006 - Photo Shoot

Crew : Helen, Andy, Phil and Pete
Destinations : Platter's Anchorage.
Distance : 16 miles
It was a perfect day for a Big Sail so we found a good anchorage where we cast Pete and Phil adrift in the tender, not far from the shipping lane, with thousands of pounds worth of photographic equipment. Fortunately it didn't belong to us. Anyway the pictures and video recordings they made of us sailing past with the beautiful new cruising chute were well worth the risks they took. Personally we thought we were being very generous letting them play with our new Walkie Talkies, and borrow our spare anchor, with chain. There was the odd worrying moment when we lost them from sight but eventually we did pick them up safely and manhandled the tender back onto Ocean Mist. We nearly had a perfect sail back into Harwich harbour with the cruising chute, but sadly the spinaker halyard disappeared up the mast.....ooops. This was of course just an excuse for Andy to check out the rigging when we got back to Shotley. On return to Shotley we ran aground once again in the marina and had to forego a night in our usual berth.

Helen and Andy stayed on the boat for a second night but decided not to go sailing on Sunday when the rain woke them. Instead Helen did a bit of power boat handing and returned Ocean Mist to her home in F pontoon. We finished other little jobs including new ropes for the fenders. She's getting prettier every time we visit.

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