Ocean Mist Ship's Log

27 th of August 2005 - Rivers Ore and Alde

Crew : Anita, Gerry, Helen and Andy
Destinations : Rivers Ore and Alde.
Distance : 60 miles

27 th August 2005 Shotley-River Ore (26 nautical miles)

Locked out with Anita and Gerry around 12md in order to time entrance correctly to the river Ore. Hopefully a little more depth than last time we went to Orford. Anita navigating. Took kayaks with us. Faffed around going to Aldburgh but no anchorages or buoys so back to Havergate Island . Anchored near a Thames Barge. 










28 th August 2005 River Ore -River Alde-River Ore. (8 nautical miles)

Pootled up to Aldeburgh and anchored near Aldeburgh Yacht club. Ran out of gin and forgot the bacon. Found a sandwich for lunch and Helen and Andy went up river in their kayaks leaving Anita and Gerry with the new tender and on a hunt for gin. Fun and games for Anita and Gerry trying to get back to Ocean Mist in the kayaks. Went back to Havergate Island for the night and Gerry cooked. 

  29 th August 2005       River Ore-Shotley. (26 nautical miles)

Left anchorage early to get out of the River with some depth. Rescued Arabella ( A Beneteau 321) on the way back to the marina. A flat battery meant that skipper and crew had three options: 

1. Sail into lock or onto pontoon 

2. Get a tow from us  

3. Put Andy on Arabella whilst Anita and Helen take Ocean Mist for a sail.  (Anita and Helen's preferred option)  

We ended up doing the second option and Arabella, skipper and crew returned safely into the marina. After filling with fuel we then ran aground. It being a busy bank holiday weekend and spring tides, the Marina had run out of water. This was to be the first time for Helen parking the boat, she still managed it, though not without a bit of a panic. 


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