Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

27 th of July 2011 - Brochs and mackeral

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Leven Wick Bay.
Distance : 15 miles

We left Lerwick mid morning, having eventually asked the Norwegians outisde us to move. As the sea was calm we motored around the south of Bressay to have a close look at the cliffs.


We then had a good angle on the wind to head for Mousa. The wind wasn't too strong so Andy got the fishing gear out. Andy managed to catch our first fish of the trip, 2 large mackeral. They may have been running away from the fishing boat that we had just passed. As we had had to buy a new reel this year it meant they cost us £15 each. We found a place to anchor in a small bay north of the Broch on Mousa and went ashore. We received a very noisy welcome from the sheep who were waiting for their annual haircut. We then had a lovely walk around the island. First we visited the 13 metre tall Broch which we were able to climb to the top of. This was amazing given that it is around 2000 years old. At the top we could see though the stone floor. We also heard one of the storm petrols which nest in the nooks and crannies in the stone. They are very difficult to see as they only come back to their nests under cover of darkness.


After the Seeing the Broch, we walked around to the other side of the island. En route we discovered that the fulmar chicks had now hatched and that there were now little fluffy balls on each of the cliff ledges where there had, until now, been adult fulmars.

On the east coast of Mousa we found tidal pools with lots of seals playing in the water. One of the seals was jumping out of the water like it was a dolphin which we had never seen before.

After returning to the boat we motored around the headland to the south of us and anchored in Levens Wick Bay on the mainland where we would get more protection from the southerly and westerly winds that were forecast over night. I then prepared the mackeral for supper.

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