Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

2 nd to 3 rd of August 2011 - Back to Orkney

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Whitehall Harbour Stronsay.
Distance : 39 miles

We left Fair Isle today at 1005am. We were only one of two boats left in the harbour and the other, a Fisher was heading to its home port of Scalloway not long after our departure. There wasn't much wind and a bit of swell, so we motored south in the rain. By 1715 we had picked up a visitors buoy in Whitehall Harbour in 4 metres depth.


We spent the evening watching the monks go back and forth between Stronsay and Papa Stronsay where they have their monastery. Their boat, an old fishing boat was covered in fenders, so we decided they probably weren't very good at parking the boat. The following morning was very foggy early on. However it cleared by breakfast so we went ashore and met the crew of Tortuga. We went on a walk which took us very close to some seals hauled out on a beach. On the other side of our route was a field of cows with calves. We decided the seals were the safest bet, but we were responsible for disturbing their peace for a while. Most of them fled into the water and followed us around at a safe distance from the shore. We wondered whether they found us as interesting as we found them. After our short walk we went aboard Tortuga for a cuppa and a buttery.


Ronald and Marijke told us that they had built their catamaran to a design by James Wareham 30 odd years ago. After cruising her for a while they sold her whilst they had children. They then found her again a few years ago in a dreadful state and have spent about 7 years doing her up and adding a cabin to join the two hulls. They have been back on the water for 2 years and the boat looks lovely, but, to us, very wide after being used to a monohull.


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