Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

4 th to 5 th of August 2011 - Fog and gales

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Elwick Bay Shapinsay.
Distance : 19 miles

When we woke, we couldn't see anything due to thick fog. We sat on the boat listening to the forecast. It seemed that fog banks were going to become fog patches by the following day, so we thought we may have to wait until then to leave. However, gradually the fog cleared and, although it remained quite hazy, the sun was warm (a first). By 1400 the tide was in our favour, we crossed our fingers that the fog was gone and set off around the top of Stronsay and south to Shapinsay. We had a lovely sail with the wind on our beam. The milky sun disappeared completely as we got close to Shapinsay when the fog came down. We used the radar and AIS and I enjoyed giving the fog horn regular blasts. Fortunately we were able to sail right into the bay so we could easily hear if any other boats were around, unsurprisingly there were none. We found the pier lurking in the fog and then, a little further in, 2 red visitors moorings came into view. Gradually we were able to see the harbour with Balfour Castle and Balfour village. The next day we stayed on the boat as we had Force7/8 winds and decided we were safe where we were, although it was a bit bouncy.


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