Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

2 nd of July 2011 - Ura Firth

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Hillswiak.
Distance : 15 miles

Today the plan we had been considering was to sail up to Ronas Voe just north of Eshaness. However, we were finding that many of the recommended anchorages were pretty full of fish farms and our concerns about this was that the alternative anchorage to Ronas Voe was open to the north west, which was what the forecast winds were going to be. We decided, as an alternative, to head up to Hillswick. We had a great sail across St Magnus Bay, tacking up into Ura Firth. We had thought to anchor at the head of the Firth or in the smaller, more secluded, voe on the east side. Unfortunately the first looked quite exposed and the second was full of fishing buoys and farms. Instead we found a good anchorage in Hillswick where we spent the afternoon relaxing and sheltering from the wind.


There were no other boats moored, although we had half thought we might see an old renovated fishing boat that we had met in Stornaway. The owner, had got chatting to us and told us this was their home. They were just on their way back home after visiting St Kilda. They also told us that they were hoping to go up to The Faeroes, so we thought that might be where they had gone.

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