Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

1 st of July 2011 - St Magnus Bay

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Roe Sound.
The passage through Papa Sound into St Magnus Bay required that the tides would be in our favour, so we didn't leave our mooring until after lunch. We had a lovely sail out to sea toward Foula, before tacking into the sound of Papa where the tide whooshed us through. Once clear of the rocks we headed into St Magnus Bay, and across to Roe Sound, tucked down the side of Muckle Roe and the mainland. The views of the cliffs were stunning and the wind was perfect again, without too much swell.
We anchored in 5 metres to the west of a small island and I settled down to cook supper. The wind changed direction and we swung quite close to a fish farm, but seemed to be a comfortable distance away. Suddenly there was a bang, Andy thought ti was the wash from a small boat, but then it happened again. When Andy looked over the stern and saw weed, we decided we had probably hit a rock. When we turned the instruments back on our depth had dropped to below a metre. Andy turned off the cooker and we quickly re-anchored a little further away in deeper water and had a safe and secure night.

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