Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

5 th to 7 th of June 2017 - Behind the Island

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Cork Harbour.
Distance : 23 miles

With terrible weather forecast and the need for at least two days good weather to get us to northern France or Falmouth, we decided waiting in Kinsale was going to be very costly. We headed back to Cork Harbour where we know there is a very secure anchorage behind Great Island just north of East Ferry Marina. It was pouring with rain all the way. What wind there was came from the east so we motor sailed into it until we could alter course to north into Cork Harbour and sail for the last while. The wind was slowly picking up and once we found our anchorage it was starting to blow quite strong. We settled down to the sound of the wind, but felt snug and secure. 


The following day the wind blew and the rain fell so we used the opportunity to get the sewing machine and soldering iron out and do some jobs from our to do list.  Step aerobics seems to work well on the boat and are good for balance. Overnight the wind dropped and we woke in the morning to sunshine and calm water. Yoga on deck was possible briefly, but another storm was going to hit us by early afternoon so we took advantage of being able to be on deck for the morning.

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