Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

8 th of September 2010 - Leaving Tobermory at last

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Port Appin.
Distance : 31 miles
Today we decided 'what the hell we've had enough of Tobermory'. It had been pretty windy overnight, but despite tall grey clouds the wind seemed to have settled. We left around 7am and motored down the Sound of Mull with the wind on our nose again. When we passed Loch Aline a couple of other yachts joined us and we passed the Lismore lighthouse making good speed with the tide in our favour. The overfalls around the headland made the sea quite choppy, but
as we changed course the wind came round to our beam and we were able to hoist the sails and had a great sail north east to Port Appin.

We picked up a buoy allegedly in 5 metres, although our depth sounder showed 3! Anyway that was enough for us. We quickly pumped up May and went ashore to find lunch in The Pier House Hotel. A couple of guys were on the beach, having got a puncture in their tender. Fortunately they had a spare on board and a local boat collected it for them. We avoided the sharp rocks and left May tied to a wreck. We had lunch, followed by a cream tea then booked for dinner before walking to a cliff arch on the Appin Rocks.

We went back to the boat for a shower and watched the same guys with the puncture mend their tender and then leave the mooring. I said to Andy, who was having forty winks, 'blimey they've just driven straight over the buoy' not thinking for a moment they didn't know what they were doing. Any way the boat came to a standstill as the pick up and main buoy went either side of the boat. Andy woke up and we spent the next hour watching them disentangle themselves. They did succeed, which relieved Andy as I had suggested he could finally get his wetsuit and snorkel on to help out. Anyway it clearly wasn't their day and I suspect they were glad to get away from Port Appin.

We went ashore for dinner and got back to the boat just before it got dark.

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