Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

9 th of September 2010 - Lismore

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Port Ramsay, Lismore.
Distance : 3 miles

After a leisurely start we did a bit of rock dodging past two perches and anchored at the north end of Lismore in Port Ramsey.

View to Movern Peninsula from Port Ramsay

We didn't have far to go so towed May and went ashore soon after arriving. We were a long way from the beach and there were oyster beds between us and the shore. It was very shallow and this was one of the rare occasions we weren't wearing sandals, so we had to take our boots off and paddle. We found a spot to tie May safely on a little island knowing we would be back before high water. We scrambled up the rocks, made slippery by seaweed, and went for a short walk. On return we sat at the top of the rock drinking tea whilst waiting for May to come to us on the tide. I still very nearly slipped in as I stepped onto May from the shore.

The weather forecast was predicting strong winds once more so we thought it best to head toward somewhere more protected the next day.

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