Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

8 th to 11 th of September 2017 - Ayamonte

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Ayamonte.
Distance : 36 miles

We weighed anchor at around 0840. This took a little bit longer than usually as a large net and rope were wrapped around our anchor chain. However, after hacking away at it with his knife Andy got us free and we whizzed out of the entrance on the ebb tide. Again there was very little wind once we were out at sea so we motored across the bay to the entrance to the Guadiana River. We decided to go into the marina on the Spanish side as it is less affected by strong tides and we fancied a party and some Tapas. Someone took our lines and we later went into town where there was a Fiesta happening. We had some great food and then followed a very loud brass band through the streets for a while before returning to the boat, where we were treated to a firework display. Over the next few days we did a few boat jobs and took the bikes out to explore the local salt marshes and old salt pans to find a few birds.


After seeking clarity about the height of the suspension bridge across the Guadiana, we decided we would head up river for a few days peace and quiet. This is somewhere that I had always wanted to visit, but we hadn't been confident about the height of the bridge.

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