Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

10 th of July 2010 - Caledonial Canal - Day 7

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Corpach Basin.
Distance : 2 miles

We woke early to get the 0800 locks down to Corpach. We paced ourselves, with Andy managing to make tea between two locks and I made sure I got a sit down.

However, when we got through the bridge we were told the basin was full and we would have to berth in the canal until the afternoon. We berthed with a great view of Ben Nevis clear of cloud.

We strolled down to the basin to find it empty. The lock keepers were very friendly and told us they had just wanted to clear the basin out and they were happy for us to go down any time. In the end we went shopping and waited for some other boats. Once in the basin, a lovely setting we were able to see the steam train go past for the third time in two days, a very exciting moment, especially for Andy.

Later on a couple of yachts came in from outside and had clearly been told to park near us. Unfortunately the boat that berthed in front of us came a touch to close to our anchor and seemed to have done some damage to their furling system. This led to the female crew being sent up the mast. We had a lazy time in view of Ben Nevis and the top of Loch Linnie. This is allegedly one of the wettest spots on earth (outside of the rain forests I guess).

We were able to see Fort William and the top end of Loch Linnhe from our berth.

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