Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

10 th to 13 th of July 2015 - Southwold

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Southwold.
Distance : 53 miles

10 th to 13 th July

Another early start saw us off our anchor by 6.30 and heading out of the Colne and Blackwater.

Both the wind and tide were in our favour. The wind was directly behind us, but we found, by gybing and keeping the wind on our quater we had a comfortable sail, getting us to Southwold by 4pm. It is recommended for boats to enter and leave Southwold on the flood as the ebb can run so strongly.

The flood also runs quite strongly. We were asked to raft up on an Island Packet, another yacht of similar size to us. We had to turn the boat so that we were bows into the tide. Unfortunately the wind was also quite strong and Andy needed to get the bow through the wind. When I looked up from my job with fenders, I saw my life flash before me as we seemed to be being swept up river toward the foot bridge and, what I thought was shallow water. Fortunately Andy knew what he was doing and with a strong blast of the engine the bow came round and we were eventually pointing in the right direction and I relaxed. We were helped with our lines by the skipper of the Island Packet and the harbour master and by 16.30 we were in The Anchor with a pint of Adnams and fish and chips. We spent the weekend in Southwold walking locally, cycling into the town and getting more than one soaking in the rain.

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