Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

14 th to 15 th of July 2015 - Orford

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : River Ore.
Distance : 20 miles

14 th to 15 th July

By Tuesday morning the Harbour master had jiggled and juggled the boats on the pontoon so that we could leave at 6am without having to wake other yachts. There was a boat called Scallywag on our outside but they were also leaving with us. We were off our berth by 06.05 leaving Scallywag to get out first. We quickly got all of our sails up and headed south westerly on a close reach. It looked like we would be able to sail the whole way and then tack to get a good angle into the entrance of The River Ore. We did end up putting the engine on briefly to ensure we made the first green buoy, but once we were in the river, we turned it off and slowly sailed under genoa and mizzen along the south side of Havergate Island. By 11.30 we were at anchor in the bite of the Island as near to Orford as possible. After lunch Andy pumped up the tender and we got ready to go ashore. It was quite windy, so we needed our outboard to get to Orford against the tide. Unfortunately it was broken. Given the weather we decided to stay on the boat and row ashore to a spot nearby and walk into Orford the following day.

We managed to row ashore against the tide and then back again against the tide. However, we had a lovely walk along the path to Orford, visiting the castle and finding a cafe for lunch and cake so we had plenty of energy for rowing.

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