Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

10 th to 12 th of June 2017 - Monkstown Marina

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Monkstown Marina.
Distance : 7 miles

We left Cork City early on the Saturday to hide from the expected rowing boats. Due to the forecast strong winds the Ocean to City boat race was starting from the marina that we had been moored so chaos was expected. Within the hour we were moored on the inside of one of the  pontoons at Monkstown. The harbour master wasn't there although knew we were arriving so we just found a protected spot. Just as well because the wind picked up and the water was quite disturbed on the outside of the pontoons. There were no facilities so we had showers on the boat and then took the bikes back into Cork City. There is a cycle path all the way along the River Lee though probably about 10 miles in total. After watching the start of the racing we were glad that we had left earlier that morning. After an active day the next two days were spent perusing the forecast and exploring the facilities of Monkstown. Although the marina had none, the village did have a nice cafe and two good pubs, all of which we visited during our stay.

The low pressure systems continued to be forecast with heavy swell and winds along the coast of Ireland. However, it looked like a high pressure system was expected over Scilly and there would be a day's weather window on Tuesday morning when low pressure was going to be further north and miss the south coast of Ireland. We decided to use this narrow window to leave Cork early on Tuesday morning,

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