Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

12 th to 13 th of August 2016 - Kells Bay

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Kells Bay.
Distance : 13 miles

We decided we wanted a change and a sail today. We weighed anchor around 11am. We knew there was a lot of weed where we were, as it had been getting wound around the outboard propellor whenever we went ashore. There was masses on the anchor and it was also getting caught on our tripping line as Andy tried to disentangle it from our anchor. It was quite a long process for Andy to gradually remove the weed. Eventually, once he could get hold of it, he had to take the tripping line off the anchor altogether and we got free. As we headed out, Andy also noticed the main alternator was no longer charging the batteries. He guessed there was a loose connection somewhere. As the batteries were fairly well charged, he wasn't too worried, though we ran the engine for a short while as we exited Valentia Harbour, just to recharge the domestic batteries using the old alternator. The wind and swell were both on our beam and we sailed under reefed genoa and mizen into Dingle Bay. It was very grey and quite intimidating so I did have a moment of wanting to be elsewhere. However, Andy helmed and we made good progress sailing east along the coast of the Iveragh Peninsular. The mountains rising above us were awe-inspiring and rather menacing without any sun. Once we gybed the swell was coming from behind. The wind also increased, so with wind of more than 30 knots and surfing down the waves, we were making around 8 knots over the ground. (We still can't be certain what we were doing through the water as our log isn't totally trustworthy).

We eventually rounded a low headland, going at some speed and saw the beach and small boats on moorings. The  mizen was lowered and genoa furled in and we suddenly found ourselves in calm water. There were 4 well maintained visitor's moorings. Unfortunately the one furthest in had an awkward pick up ring and Andy couldn't quite get the boat hook in. Lucky for us, on the third try, a very helpful fisherman in his battered metal boat came to our rescue. Eventually we were settled at anchor. After a rest, Andy found the loose connection and was able to replace the connectors. The alternator now works again. It was very windy and rolly all night. However we were safe and things slowly settled down. By morning the winds had lessened. It was still a bit rolly and grey, but we went ashore for a walk to find milk. We had no luck with the milk, despite walking for quite a way looking for a shop the pilot book said was a 15 minute walk away. After a rest on the boat I then managed to persuade Andy that he would like to come snorkelling so we went ashore in wetsuits. Nonetheless, it was still far too cold for Andy, who made a quick exit from the sea. The beach was full of people swimming, despite there being little sun. 



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