Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

13 th of July 2017 - Ria de Cedeira

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Ria de Cedeira.
Distance : 30 miles

We weighed anchor at 0855 having hoisted the sails before we set off. Once our course changed from north through to west, we were able to sail at about 5 knots. We were aiming to get to A Coruña as the wind was forecast to increase during the day and we hoped to get up a good speed. We were accompanied by ore shearwaters, this time obviously Cory's shearwaters, being large and brownish in colour. Unfortunately as we passed Cabo Ortegal, the wind was coming directly from behind us, reducing our apparent wind considerably. We started the engine and motored.


Rather than motor all day we decided to head into the Ria de Cedeira where we could anchor to wait for stronger, more favourable, winds the following day. As we approached the entrance the cliffs and hills were shielded by cloud and it was drizzling, so we started to doubt our decision. However, once we were reached  the head of the bay the sun came out and the rain cloud dissipated. There was lots of room and we found a place to anchor not far from the beach. It was only 1400 so we were looking forward to some R&R.

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