Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

17 th to 18 th of April 2019 - River Orwell

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : River Orwell.
Distance : 54 miles

We left Granville Dock at 0920. Dover Port control directed us to pass along the break water to the eastern end. At this point we hung around waiting for them to tell us to exit. We were instructed to leave immediately after two ferries. As we passed behind the ferries a little head popped up and a seal watched us all depart. The tide whipped us up the coast of Kent and we crossed the Thames Estuary for probably one last time. This took us between the wind turbines of the London Array Wind farm in the fog.

Our favourite free moorings were still there in the river opposite Levington Marina so we picked one up and had a relaxing day on the river watch people come and go in their yachts. There was also a large dredger slowly making its way up and down the river, occasionally seeming to get perilously close to us. However, it is reassuring to see them dredging the channel for the summer.

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