Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

16 th of April 2019 - Dover

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Granville Dock.
Distance : 41 miles

We locked out at 0620. The boat next to us had told us that they would wake us in the morning as they were also leaving at the crack of dawn but there was no movement on their boat as we slipped. This didn't surprise us they had already got through plenty of beer and wine before they even set out for dinner the night before. We had a long morning motoring around Dungeness. We had a good tide with us all the way so by 1345 we were alongside in Granville Dock. We had arrived at high water so the gate was open. Since there is a new marina complex being developed the entrance channel was a bit of a blind channel so we had to call Dover Port Control to get the OK at each junction as well as to get permission to enter the harbour. We really enjoy going in to Dover, listening to Port control communicate with all the ferries and telling us what to do.

The harbour and beach is all looking pretty good and will soon be very smart once the marina has been finished.

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