Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

18 th of February 2018 - Seville

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Seville.

Gelves Marina is only 15 minutes to the city by bus. We tried to cycle and it was a pleasant 15 minutes along the river, managing to cross the river on a cycle track. Unfortunately the cycle bridge across the main road on the other side hasn't been fully completed and we came to a dead end. It was a case of 'so near yet so far'. Seville is a great city for wandering around, which we have done. There are also some foot paths from Gelves into the surrounding countryside. The town of Gelves itself is quiet and very residential with a main road running between it and the marina complex. The marina is a bit run down and there isn't really space for big boats inside. It seems more geared up for camper vans. The pontoons aren't very well maintained either. However, the waiting pontoon outside has plenty of space for us, is quiet and means we are on the river with views away from the marina. We have electricity so plenty of hot water for showers on the boat every day. The bird life is good. Some of the birds appear to have  spread there wings and ventured away from the Doñana Park. We have seen Black and Red Kites, Buzzards, another Osprey and Marsh Harriers from the boat, as well as Cormorants, Chiffchaffs, Egrets and Herons. We have also seen a Black Winged Kite hunting over a field nearby.


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