Ocean Mist Ship's Log

18 th to 20 th of May 2007 - The Deben and Back

Crew : Anita, Gerry, Pete, Helen and Andy
Destinations : Ipswich and The Rocks (River Deben).
Distance : 33 miles

18th May 2007

After putting on the new mainsail we were all ready for a sail to Burnham. We had hoped to get to Southwold but sadly the tides meant we would only have enough water to get over the bar after dark. We decided our first entrance to Southwold should not be in the dark so changed our plan and decided we would head south to Burnham. The morning forecast was Force 5-7 from the south west, just where we were going, so wWe changed our plan a second time and decided to head out to sea and then back and up to Ipswich.

It being windy and the first significant sail of the year for all of us, some of us were feeling a little under the weather as we headed up alongside the shipping channel. We decided to turn round and headed up the Orwell. We had a great sail up the river and got into Ipswich in good time for supper.

19th-20th May 2007

Set off after a bowl of porridge heading for the Deben. Found a lovely anchorage at The Rocks where we had a very sleepy afternoon watching seals. We also watched a couple ground their, (fortunately bilge keel) boat. The next high water was not due until the early hours of the morning. They had managed to float their boat without an audience and had vanished by the morning. The seal (beached on the other side of the river) was still there in the morning however and still looking very sleepy, stretching itself every so often. We headed back over the bar and back to Shotley where, after a tidy up, we left Andy, my new husband for a week!

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