Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

19 th of August 2012 - Poole Harbour

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Pottery pier.
Distance : 35 miles

Sunday 19 th August

We woke to a 0630 alarm. The fog was still thick, however, in the time it took Andy to make a cup of tea it had cleared in the harbour and we watched as the stern of Pink Cloud disappeared out toward Eastbourne. A journey that would take us another 2 or 3 days, would take them a day. We left by 0740, waving goodbye to Pooh Bear. As we headed out into Weymouth Bay the fog decided to come down again and the ship anchored in the bay disappeared from view. We did an about turn and went to anchor off Weymouth beach. After more tea visability improved so we weighed anchor and headed toward Lulworth Cove. It was still quite milky, but the sun was trying to shine.


After passing the Durdle Dor, we found the entrance to Lulworth Cove and entered the narrow inlet, had a quick look around and then headed out again. Immediately the fog came down again and the wind picked up. We had 10-15 knots of wind so turned off the engine and had a lovely sail in the fog. It was fortunate to be able to sail as we could then hear any engines close by. We sounded our fog horn every few minute and occasionally saw the ghostly shapes of other boats which quickly disappeared again in the fog.

As we passed St Alban's Head the fog cleared and wind dropped. We headed around into Studland Bay where we intended to anchor. It was massively busy with lots of large motor boats and yachts anchored. There were jet skiers, kayaks and ribs all over the place.

We were greeted by the crew of Pooh Bear, who had somehow got there before us. They must have overtaken us in the fog. We put our anchor in but there was a lot of wash and it was really noisy so we decided to head into Poole Harbour where we anchored by Pottery Pier off Brownsea Island. There were also lots of boats there initially, however, many of them gradually left during the evening. Later the wind picked up, but we were nicely sheltered. We were visited briefly by the crew of Polar Bear who had a mooring around the corner and a big powerful rib. They were off for a pizza. By sunset, there were only 7 yachts left.

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