Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

19 th to 20 th of July 2010 - Off to test the anchor

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Loch Aline Sound of Mull.
Distance : 19 miles

We left after doing our chores in the rain. As we headed up past Lismore lighthouse into the Sound of Mull the weather cleared.


We entered Loch Aline half way up the sound and were welcomed by a very friendly diver from Stockport. He told us he had recently moved here and was doing good business rescuing peoples anchors when they got caught on the old mooring buoys and chain on the bottom. Needless to say we had managed to anchor but hadn't used a tripping line, we spent the evening slightly worried that we would be calling on the diver's services the next day.


Later on we were joined by a couple of Bristol Cutters. One let out a huge amount of chain and we watched as it gradually crept back and around a mooring buoy. Eventually the skipper was called and they lifted their anchor. They tried to drop it rather close to us so we made a comment and they eventually left for another anchorage. Their friends in a slightly smaller (but just as beautiful) boat decided to go with them. Unfortunately they were clearly unable to retrieve their anchor. They were trying until dark when they eventually disconnected themselves and left it marked with a buoy. The next day they were back with the diver who was able to get it for them and they were off.


After this we moved to the head of the loch which looked a lot quieter and cleaner of moorings. Andy decided to set a tripping line as a matter of course from now on. Loch Aline was a lovely sheltered place for us to sail our new tender for the first time although it was rather squashed with both of us in at the same time.


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