Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

21 st to 22 nd of July 2010 - Mull

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Tobermory.
Distance : 14 miles

We left our anchorage after breakfast and sailed slowly up the Sound of Mull, admiring a lovely Dutch tall ship.

We arrived in Tobermory which was windy, wet and full. As there were no visitors moorings we grabbed a random buoy, as others seemed to be doing, and sat and waited. We were having a cup of tea sheltering from the rain when we saw someone leaving. We have never moved so fast. Andy denies having seen the small boat leaving its mooring for the same buoy. He did wonder why I accelerated quite so powerfully though. Anyway we won our race and were able to relax on our mooring for a couple of days. Well perhaps not relax. Tobermory is not comfortable in North East winds which is what we had (Force 7 ones). We had a very rolly first night, along with everyone else. Most boats seemed to be part of the Clyde Cruising Club's centenary celebrations. Not many people took their small boats ashore due to the swell. However, the harbour master told us where the CCC were headed so that we could avoid them. He also told us that it was the Mull Highland Games the next day, so that was the next day planned. Andy and I found that we had good reception for BBC Radio Scotland and they had a music programme that was asking for suggestions for tracks with 'jangly guitar'. Of course Andy had a track on his mind and I suggested he text in with his suggestion: 'I say Nothing' by Voice of The Beehive.  10 minutes later they mentioned Helen and Andy on their boat in Tobermory and played the track. That made our evening!

The following day we went ashore. After coffee we had a lovely walk along the cliff to the lighthouse in fantastic weather, before going to see Scottish jigs, caber tossing and athletics at the Highland games.

SCOTTISH JIG                        CABER TOSSING

The games were held at the Tobermory golf course, so it was the only time anyone has managed to get Andy to a golf course. The views over the Sound of Mull were worth it.


On the way back we explored the harbour in our tender, now named 'May.' and were able to get a close look at the cormorants nesting on the cliff nearby.


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