Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

21 st to 23 rd of July 2017 - Round Cape Finisterre

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Laxe Harbour and Ensenada del Sardineiro.
Distance : 31 miles

We decided to leave A Coruña as planned, despite the forecast westerlies. After filling up with diesel we were out of the marina by 0900. We sailed for a time but seemed to be heading for Newfoundland. There was also quite a big swell coming form the north west. Having not sailed for a week and not taken any anti seasickness tablets I was felling slightly queazy. We headed into Laxe harbour and once we were behind the breakwater anchored off the beach. Over night swell did sneak around the end of the breakwater and it was windy at times. In addition, at 2200 the party started. A very loud band started to play on a stage not far away. This went on until 0400. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep. The following morning we looked out and found ourselves surrounded by colourful buoys. We were in the middle of some sort water games due to start in half an hour. We had used an anchor buoy, which was rather lost. Fortunately the anchor came up without a problem as our buoy was wrapped around one of the large ones. I am sure the organisers were glad to see us leave, although they had said they would be happy to work around us.

We weighed anchor by 0945 and headed for Camariñas about 20 miles away. However, the weather was due to improve and go north westerly so, we decided to push on and round Cape Finisterre. North westerly winds would have been perfect. However, they took their time arriving and, when they did, they were very light. Once past Finisterre, we were able to sail and had a fantastic time sailing on flat seas toward Ensenada del Sardineiro, where we anchored off the beach in clear water. We spent a day at anchor, going ashore for a bit of exploring. When we found a bar offering goose barnacles, we just had to give them a go. When they arrived neither of us were really prepared. We started by sticking the whole thing in our mouth. The taste was very good, a bit like oysters/mussels and the sea. However, they were very crunchy and we soon realised you have to extract the fleshy inner part. It was definitely best not to look that closely, especially given the time I had spent as a nurse dressing wounds.


The beach was great for a swim and rowing and Andy was able to check on our spade anchor visually.

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