Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

21 st to 22 nd of June 2010 - Harwich to Grimsby overnight

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Grimsby Fish Docks.
Distance : 161 miles

After sailing down to Levington again yesterday, we picked up a buoy so we could leave Harwich early today. We watched some fantastic Thames barges sailing by in the strong winds.

We left at 0645 after breakfast. We had routes planned to Lowestoft and also Grimsby and Whitby. The wind was on our nose as usual but was fairly light and the sea was being gentle with us so as we neared Lowestoft we decided we would keep going overnight to Grimsby. We made really good time crossing the Wash and the wind finally moved to the south. Andy had an attempt at sailing but the wind died off. We got to the Humber entrance around 0630 and then anchored off Haile Sand Fort as we had arrived around low water. Grimsby Fish Dock is only accessible 2 hours either side of high water, when they open the lock. The smell of kippers as we entered was evidence of some continued fishing industry, however few fishing boats now operate and the docks were in quite a dilapidated state. Unlike many other docks it hasn't been demolished yet to make way for beautiful apartments around a marina and we could get a real feel for what it might have been like at it's peak. I liked Grimsby and it's fishing heritage centre, which served fantastic chips. The marina was really friendly and someone knocked on our window shortly after we arrived offering to pick us up groceries from Tesco's. Lots of people stopped to chat and there was a real local feel. My favourite boat was a beautiful old fishing boat perfectly painted and decorated.

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