Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

24 th of June 2010 - Grimsby to Whitby

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Whitby Marina.
Distance : 87 miles

After a day in Grimsby, picking up Admiralty charts for Scotland and getting sun burnt, we worked out the tides for Whitby. After contacting Whitby, we found the last bridge entrance was going to be 1715 and worked out we would need to leave as soon as the lock opened at our end, 0245. Even then we might have ended up needing to divert to Scarborough if we couldn't make it in time. We were up at 0200 and had breakfast before heading out with other boats into the Humber estuary. There were many boats coming and going which made it quite an interesting bit of night sailing. We alternated sleeping and eating until we were well past Flamborough Head. We are finally being kept company by guillemots, puffins and gannets and now have a sense of heading north. Wew made enough time to keep going for Whitby, sailing close in to Robin Hoods Bay. After passing through the 1600 bridge we were welcomed by the harbour master who found us a berth next to the fishing police boat and fishing boats, away from the main marina.

As we hadn't enough cold beer we made do with a glass of cold wine in the cockpit, before showers and fish and chips. Fortunately overnight the smell of petrol surrounding us was washed out by the tide.

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