Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

21 st of June 2017 - Fog

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Sainte Evette.
Distance : 32 miles

We woke to thick fog. However, it slowly cleared and we started to be able to see the tops of the masts and then the cliffs. We slipped our mooring at 10.30 and motored out of the bay toward the Raz de Sein. We needed to catch slack tide to pass through the Channel between the Ile de Sein and the mainland so needed to be the around high water.


There was very little wind so we eventually turned on he motor and gently headed south east with a few other yachts. The fog came down as we got away from Cabaret and our visibility reduced to a few metres. Fortunately we have radar and AIS and made use of both of these. We sounded our very loud fog horn every couple of minutes. Occasionally the fog would lift and we would see ghostly outlines of other boats, but for most of the time we couldn't see anyone apart from on the radar and AIS. We got to the Raz de Sein around 1430.

The fog lifted and we were able to sail along the coast to Sainte Evette where we found a place near the beach to anchor. The beach looked inviting despite the cloud. It had been lovely to be quite cool all day. This didn't deter me, so I plucked up the courage to row ashore and have a dip in the sea off the beach. The water was very clear with a few weedy rocks. However there was a strong smell of hydrogen sulphide in the anchorage, which we assumed was the seaweed. I wasn't put off going in the water as, in Harrogate the water smells the same and people drink that.

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