Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

22 nd of August 2012 - Eastbourne

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne.
Distance : 68 miles

Wednesday 22 nd August

By 0635 we were on our way. The tide was against us until we got to Cowes, so we only made around 4 knots motor sailing. As we got past Portsmouth we had the wind and tide with us and were able to sail with one reef in the main and full genoa and mizzen. However, the strong winds didn't materialise as promised so we didn't get up to 7 knots as we had hoped. After the Solent, there were suddenly very few boats once more. We only followed one other yacht, which eventually got to Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, just before us. We passed through the Looe Channel at 10 knots over the ground with unexpected overfalls. As we got to Beachy Head the sea state got a bit rough, as it always seems to, fortunately the swell was behind us, even though we had lost the tide and were going rather slowly.

The other boat was already in the Lock when we arrived. We had been told that we could go in starboard to. As we were tired, we decided for once to only put warps and fenders on one side. Unfortunately when we got to the lock we saw that the yacht in front had tied up bang in the middle of the pontoon, leaving no room for us. This meant that Andy had to quickly change the fenders to the other side. The lock keeper, called us up on the VHF to tell us we needed to hurry, needless to say we weren't pleased with this other boat. When we got out of the lock we let them go first. Unfortunately, they were berthing on the same pontoon. Despite, their fin keel and bow thruster, they messed up their parking, so we then had to wait whilst they came out and had another go. By 1900, were glad to be moored, and to find the showers and a restaurant for supper. When we returned from our showers we found there was another Oyster parked next to us so we compared a few notes with the owner.

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