Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

26 th to 27 th of June 2010 - Overnight to Peterhead

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Peterhead marina.
Distance : 191 miles

After a day in Whitby we were planning to leave on Sunday, heading North. However, the weather looked good for a direct passage to Peterhead and, as we were keen to get to Scotland asap, we decided to leave Saturday afternoon. We met up with Rebecca, Simon and Kate and had lunch at The Magpie Cafe. This was great as it meant we got waved off with full stomachs. We passed through the swing bridge at 1530 and I raised the mizzen sail straight away so that Bec could take photos of sails before we left harbour. Actually, from what we could see, Simon took the photos as it required someone to run along the breakwater.


As soon as we were out, Andy got the mainsail up. The wind was Force 5 and we were able to make good progress at around 8 knots through the water on a broad reach. We headed well out to sea.

We quickly got into a routine of 2 hour watches with occasional overlaps, punctuated by tea, food and sleep. Luckily, when the dolphins turned up at 1920 we were both on deck. We sailed overnight. By the morning the wind had dropped slightly and the sea had become quite roly. We set preventer on the mizzen and mainsail and put the genoa out on a pole. Despite this, we did have to motor sail at times. We were joined once more by dolphins on the second day and the weather was warm and sunny. We saw few ships and had only gannets, guillemots, puffins, fulmars and shear waters for company (and entertainment).

As we approached the coast near Aberdeen some fantastic clouds passed over head from the mountains and gave us 20 knots of wind briefly. We then headed into Peterhead in the murk around 2300.


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