Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

26 th to 27 th of June 2017 - Lorient

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Kernevel Marina.
Distance : 37 miles

We decided to head to Lorient today. We had hoped to visit Belle Ile, but the forecast was for North Easterly winds and both anchorages there were open to the North East. We left Sainte Marine at 0815 after finding the harbour master to pay and waking our neighbours to let us out. There was no wind so we motored. We were joined briefly by a group of dolphins who didn't pay much attention to us but appeared to be feeding and some of them leapt out of the water. We motored past the Citadel at Port Louis and headed toward a large wreck and the submarine pens at the entrance to Kernevel Marina. We found a very small finger pontoon available for visitors. It was far to short for us and Andy just managed to lassoo a cleat and get ashore without falling in the water. We were alongside by 1530.

The following day we found the supermarket in the morning and picked up groceries on the bikes. We then cycled into Lorient via the submarine pens. Unfortunately the next English language tour of the bunkers was in a week so we had a look around as best we could without paying to go into the museum. The bunkers that we saw looked like they belonged in a James Bond movie. They are massive concrete indestructible buildings built by the Germans during WW2. They have been subsequently used by the French navy and now host a museum and a marina for large racing yachts.


The cycle to Lorient was through the docks and fishing port. Unsurprisingly Lorient was badly bombed during WW2 so it is a very modern town. It is possible to take a yacht into Lorient, but when we got there we were glad we had stayed in the marina as there wasn't a lot in there and the marina we were in was very peaceful. 


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