Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

27 th to 28 th of July 2012 - Across Cardigan Bay

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Fishguard.
Distance : 67 miles

Friday 27 th July

Today we set off around 0900. The sun was still shining and we had good winds and a fantastic sail, broad reaching across Cardigan Bay, on Starboard tack at 7 knots.

We were able to use our aft deck for it's intended purpose for the first time (since we have had Speedwell) and catch a few rays of sunshine. We saw no other boats for the whole day, although there were a few buoys used for scientific research and target practice. Fortunately the armed forces weren't using them today as they had been doing yesterday.

We got to Fishguard around 1800 expecting lots of boats, but there was only one other yacht anchored so we had lots of space. It was a nice protected harbour, although a bit of swell was coming in. We listened to the Olympic Opening Ceremony on the radio. Somehow, I don't think radio did it justice so we hope to see it when we have a better internet connection.

Saturday 28 th July

We had an uncomfortable night with the wind blowing us beam on to the swell. However, we decided to stay at anchor for the day as it was quite windy and the tides weren't in our favour for us to head south past Ramsey island by the time we were up. Anyway, we were able to watch the activity in the harbour and listened to the men's olympic 260 km road cycling, which was surprisingly exciting even on the radio. A number of yachts came in to anchor or pick up a mooring so we had some entertainment. It remained quite windy so we didn't fancy going ashore in the tender. However it remained quite sunny and the swell gradually died down as the wind backed from north west to south west. It was a great day for small boats to sail in the harbour and some of these were very pretty.

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