Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

27 th to 28 th of June 2012 - Seeking shelter

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Loch Harport, Carbost.
Distance : 25 miles

Wednesday 27 th June

When we woke it was still very wet and some of the other boats had already left. There wasn't a lot of wind, although it was forecast easterly Force 3-4. We got the sails up in hope, but it didn't arrive so we motored through the sound of Soay and along the west coast of Skye. The mist stayed around the cuillin, occasionally giving us a glimpse of what we had seen the day before but never really lifting.

In hope of supper we decided to sail. The wind was behind us and we drifted at 1-2 knots whilst Andy got out the fishing rod. He found a new method of fishing which appeared to pay off!

We were in luck and within 30 minutes Andy had caught 2 mackerel, one large and one small. They were quickly despatched and put in the fridge for later. The swell coming straight from the Atlantic was quite uncomfortable and the booms were banging so we put on the engine and motored the rest of the way. As we got to the entrance of Loch Harport we saw a big pod of dolphins. A breakaway group came briefly to play, but then they all swam off into the distance. We found a place to anchor well outside of the mooring buoys, opposite the distillery, and settled down to mackerel, filleted and pan fried by Andy, with Puy lentils. Just before we settled for the night a pilot cutter came and anchored near us in the mist and rain.

Thursday 28 th June

The following morning the pilot cutter had disappeared when we woke up. I don't think Johnnie Depp was on board.

We paid a quick visit ashore to pick up some milk and catch up on e-mails whilst having fish and chips in The Carbost Inn. We gave the distillery a miss this time as we have enough whisky for the time being. The rain kept coming and going, however, the forecast is for westerlies after tomorrow so hopefully we can go to some anchorages which are east facing.

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