Ocean Mist Ship's Log

29 th of October 2006 - Helen Takes Charge

Crew : Helen, Pete, Claude and Steve
Destinations : Roughs Tower.
Distance : 34 miles

Saturday 29th October

This was Helen's first time as skipper so there was some delay, with Pete and Helen debating how best to leave the berth and Claude working out what 'slip the bow' meant- not as obvious as Helen thought. We finally made it out of the lock (not without the odd hitch, Claude thought we hadn't noticed him dropping the fender and quickly rescuing it.), got the sails up and headed out towards Landguard with one reef.

Good wind, but rather cloudy. We had a great sail around Roughs Tower. Pete and Helen were then feeling a little under the weather and not wanting to visit the chart table for too long. As a result we missed the buoy marking the south of Cork Sands and ended up at the north end of Gunfleet sands, a bit further south than intended. As the log was clearly under reading we had been very cautious tacking toward Cork sands and ended up being over cautious! Any way we got back safe and well fed thanks to Claude's sandwich making and lack of seasickness.

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