Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

31 st of August to 2 nd of September 2017 - Portimão

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Portimão.
Distance : 29 miles

We left Sagres at the very respectable time of 0930. We really hoped we would be able to sail the whole way, we started with main and mizzen but soon needed the mainsail. Over night a Rival 38 sailing yacht had come and anchored outside of us. They left with us and to start with we sailed the same course quite close together. We had a pod of dolphins swim between us not knowing which bow wave to try but they didn't stay for long. The boat didn't stay for long either. As the wind died they shot off ahead. We tried the cruising chute but eventually the wind died altogether so we motored the last few miles into the harbour at Portimão where we were anchored along with many other yachts by 1430. We weren't far from a beach, but it seemed quite dirty even though it was quiet. It was lovely and warm so we had a very quick dip from the beach. Later that afternoon it turned into Studland Bay with lots of jet skis roaring around the anchorage.

The following day we followed advice and went ashore to Ferragudo the small village on the opposite side of the river to Portimão. It was fairly quiet and we had a nice walk around the village finding the shops and taking in the views. On returning to the boat we were both very hot. Andy took the bull by the horns and jumped from the boat in an attempt to get me to do likewise. It did work, though I sort of fell in from the steps at the back of the boat. We had our first swim around Speedwell. The water was 27 degrees. The following day after a walk along the cliffs for a view of the sink hole sea caves from above, we swam off the boat again and I finally dived in off the side a couple of times. The fish were jumping around with us which was comforting as I thought they would probably discourage the sea monsters.


The late evening in Portimão is clearly when it all happens. It being a Friday and Saturday at the end of the holiday season meant it was party time. Needless to say we didn't go to the parties. There was one on the beach near us, but they all soon went back to the other side of the river once it got dark. However, we did see some fantastic sunsets which were enhanced by the sound of dance music.

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