Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

31 st of July 2018 - îles de Glénan

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Ile de Penfret.
Distance : 26 miles

Our alarm was set for 0700, the engine started immediately and we were away by 0800. The sun was shining but there wasn't much wind. We headed off toward the Iles de Glenan about 10 miles off the coast not far from Benodet. We found a place to anchor in the lee of Ile de Penfret and looked forward to exploring the small island. Unfortunately, as we made our way to the foot path a young woman came running up behind us to inform us that it was a children only island and we weren't allowed off the beach, although we were welcome to walk around the coast on the rocks. Unfortunately there were young gulls and we felt they were also in need of protection to so we went back to the boat to enjoy the scenery.

Not long after we had settled back down a large restored tuna fishing boat slowly made its way between the anchored boats eventually setting their anchor just ahead of us. They left their long fishing poles hanging out either side with little thought about what could possible go wrong. After a bit of a swim they then all went ashore. A short while later a small yacht came through looking for a place to anchor. Not thinking you need to look up in an anchorage they motored straight into one of the poles and there was an almighty crunch of splintering wood. One of the halyards of the small yacht had got entangled so they were stuck. A couple of people went to help but they were only freed when the crew of the fishing boat returned and climbed up their mast. Needless to say they quickly pulled in the undamaged pole and the remnants of the broken one. It was a terrible shame since the fishing boat was beautiful, just crewed by a bunch of idiots. Fortunately the small yacht only had a damaged halyard. We had an uneventful evening after that, the fishing boat left before dark and the wind had died down by nightfall, so we slept well.


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