Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

2 nd to 3 rd of August 2018 - Though the Raz de Sein

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Morgat.
Distance : 31 miles

The tide was due to turn north through the Raz de Sein at around 1400 so we didn't need to leave the anchorage until about 1200. Since we were ready in good time, we left a little earlier and slowly motored along the coast. Once we were out of the bay we altered course toward the lighthouse giving us a good angle on the wind. The Genoa was unfurled and we had a superb afternoon sail along the cliffs.


As we headed east into the large bay, we could see loads of sails coming toward us from Camaret and realised we were about to be caught up in some serious racing. Fortunately their mark was just beyond our heading so they turned on to a parallel course to us toward Morgat, just slightly upwind of us. We did a good job of keeping up with some of the smaller boats and I tried to make a difference by sitting on the side deck. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to keep up. However, it did mean that when we got to Morgat we were on our own and there was a huge area to anchor off the beach.


The cliffs all around Morgat are amazing and we were able to take the tender into some of the caves. The town itself was very small with just a few restaurants and shops, but very pretty with a lovely beach for swimming. We had a lovely peaceful couple of nights at anchor and spent the days exploring the caves.


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