Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

5 th to 6 th of April 2018 - Barra de Alvor

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Alvor Entrance and .
Distance : 6 miles

It looked like we would have a couple of calm days so decided to head to Alvor a small harbour between Portimão and Lagos. We left our anchorage at 1300 and sailed slowly the few miles along the coast. There was room for just a few yachts to anchor inside the breakwater. There was also a dredged channel which can be taken up to the village of Alvor, however the charted depth was only about 1m and though there were a few deeper pools off the village to anchor we decided to stay where we were. It was very shallow and there were already two boats anchored on the port side of the channel so we anchored to starboard. The other two boats soon left so we moved to what we thought might be a more sheltered spot. However, it seemed a little more swell so we moved back again. We had a lovely peaceful night at anchor on our own.

The following morning we rowed ashore. It was beautifully clear water with a sandy bottom which could be seen clearly. The sand banks were starting to uncover so we chose our spot to leave the tender carefully. We walked along the path to the village for coffee. There didn't appear to any room to have anchored and there were lots of buoys so it would have been a bit of a squeeze for a 2m draught boat. We walked back along the beach for a paddle. This had become my essential pedicure and I hadn't been able to keep it up recently.


When we returned to the boat there was another yacht anchored across the channel from us. We had a short chat with the skipper who was in his tender on his way back from dropping his crew ashore. He was Icelandic and they had just sailed across from the Canaries on their way back to Iceland.

It started to rain quite heavily and the wind picked up. Over night there was a bit of an uncomfortable swell and the forecast was for stronger winds over the next few days.

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