Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

7 th to 10 th of April 2018 - Lagos

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : Lagos.
Distance : 4 miles

We left our anchorage at 0950 and motored around to Lagos. I drove us alongside onto the reception pontoon and we were given a berth in the marina. Just across from us was another Oyster 435, N'Tiana, owned by Pete and sailed by him and his girlfriend Miranda. They are also on their way north. N'Tiana has been in Lagos for a couple of years now. They had been intending to sail her back to the UK last year but the gear box died halfway to Lisbon. They had to turn back and wait for a new gearbox so she remained in Lagos until now. Pete and Miranda had just started preparing for their trip and hoped to leave at the end of the week. Unfortunately we continue to have Atlantic depressions coming in one after the other bringing big swells and strong winds to the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

We stayed in Lagos for longer than intended due to the weather. It was quite a small town with a castle and one of the only old slave markets in Europe. The marina was the busiest we have visited down here and was full of British boats. There were also lots of British people on their Easter holidays and as a result lots of English food on offer in the restaurants, so we were able to get some fish and chips, which weren't too bad at all. We found some gas and did a few jobs as well as exploring Lagos and visiting the beach. Torrential rain made us change our mind about going on a train ride to Tunes. Needless to say we were getting a bit stir crazy after 3 days and keen to get away, preferably to head north.


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