Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

6 th to 7 th of March 2018 - Leaving Seville

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Bonanza.
Distance : 38 miles

We spent the morning once more trying to clear the decks of Eucalyptus seeds and leaves. The seeds were tiny buggers that had got into every nook and cranny so we will no doubt be finding them for some time. Hopefully they won't sprout as we've had enough of living with large Eucalyptus trees nearby. After saying goodbye to Diana who, in her 80s, still lives aboard her boat Rolling Waves with her rescue dog Nellie and a cat, we decided to leave the marina. Diana and her husband Mike lived on boats for more than 60 years until he died in Gelves in 2004. 

We headed under the overhead cables to anchor so we would be ready to leave at the crack of dawn the next day. It was very windy and there were a few heavy showers and thunder overnight, but no more shedding trees.

The following morning we weighed anchor at 0730 and started to motor down river. It was a lovely journey despite some rain. However, the bird life didn't disappoint us. At one point a large flock of Flamingos flew across the river. We were advised to leave with some tide against us so as to have it with us as much as possible, but we expected it to turn against us before we made it all the way down river so it was possible that we would need to anchor part way down. However, the tide didn't turn against us until an hour after we had securely anchored, once more off Doñana National Park. We had a very peaceful night at anchor.


The sun shone the following day once a little fog had cleared. We were then treated to Spoonbills feeding along the edge of the water. A few more seeds and seed heads were swept from the deck. The tide rushed by our anchor chain making a significant bow wave. We have also discovered why the fishermen were banging drums in Faro. This is a way of scaring the fish into the nets, rather to scare off yachts people.


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