Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

7 th to 8 th of September 2013 - To The Medway

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Levington and Slaughterhouse Point.
Distance : 35 miles

Saturday 7 th September 2013

The first day of week's late summer cruise. After provisioning the boat we locked out after lunch and made our way down river, picking up a buoy of Levington ready for an early start tomorrow.

Sunday 8 th September 2013

Slipped our mooring at 0630 to carry the last of the ebb down the river then pick up the flood down the coast. Initially we were able to sail but by 0900 the wind had dropped and was heading us so the engine came on so that we could carry on making reasonable time down the coast.

By 1200 we were crossing the Thames, making our way into the Medway and finally anchoring in the marshes at Slaughterhouse point at 1500. We kept a look out for Magwitch but he didn't turn up but there were plenty of birds, including Marsh Harriers which were great to see.

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