Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

8 th of September 2012 - The Walton Backwaters

Crew : Helen and Andy
Destinations : Hamford Water.
Distance : 29 miles

Saturday 8 th  September

We managed to get down to Speedwell after work last night (Friday) and had time for a meal in The Last Anchor. Probably won't bother again. Anyway we had a leisurely start this morning, locking out at 10.30. We quickly got the sails up and tacked down the river. It was quite cramped and despite having 3 sails up one boat carried on toward us. When we called for water they told us they had assumed we were motoring. Why they thought we would motor when we had all 3 sails up remained a mystery. We found a nice space to anchor in The Walton Backwaters, along with a few other yachts, and spent a lovely evening watching the world sail by. We were treated to a lovely sunset.

Sunday 9 th September

The following morning we weighed anchor by 1000 and then sailed out of the anchorage under cruising chute. There was very little wind and as we had to be home for work the following morning we gave up as we entered Harwich and motored up river.

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