Speedwell of Rhu Ship's Log

9 th to 10 th of April 2019 - River Medina

Crew : Andy and Helen
Destinations : The Folly Inn.
Distance : 8 miles

It was a beautiful still morning. The seals were still around and the mist hung around in the fields where we could see hares.


After a lazy morning we left just as the harbour master arrived. We motored around to the River Medina where we needed to pick up some fuel because of all of the motoring into easterly winds we would soon be doing. After collecting fuel, which was surprisingly cheap for the Solent, we motored up river to a middle of the river berth opposite the Folly Inn.

We spent a couple of nights here. We had a lovely walk along the rather industrial river into Newport where we had a great choice of cafes. We eventually chose one above a clothes shop. We decided to give the, apparently famous, Folly Inn a miss since the reviews were terrible. However, we were able to find some wifi to start downloading a bit of TV.

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